I dare to hope that spring is here!

Okay I don’t know what is going on with the weather in my area but the temperature was in the mid-fifties (F) today. We’ve had two inches of snow this month where last February we had 40 inches. It has been so warm for the last few weeks that almost all the snow is gone. Last year at this time we had four feet of snow on the ground and my son and I were freezing our butts off in the camper.

I understand other parts of the country are getting hammered by Old Man Winter, but as for me, I dare to hope that spring is here!

So the wife has been wanting us to go cut some boards to make a bathroom vanity counter top. I’ve had this 9 foot long Tamarack log sitting by the sawmill all winter…

So today we went out and made some boards! In T-shirts! In February!

sawmill 1 resized

sawmill 2 resized sawmill boards resized

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