Guest Post: Building a Retreat, by L Michael Rusin Author of Avalon The Retreat, Avalon Beyond The Retreat and California’s Child

I get letters all the time asking me if it is too late to start building a Retreat? It would be easy to get flippant about an answer, but a realistic answer is, it is only too late if things are already imploding.

None of us can predict the future. I certainly do not have that ability. I’m just like the rest of you in that regard, we work at it on a daily basis and hope we’ll have all that we need when that moment in time arrives, when we will need to be going to our haven. Surviving what is coming can’t be understated. Many of us cannot know how difficult things will get. Most of us will be caught off guard when it does descend on us but, if we make some effort toward protecting ourselves now and those we either love or care about, we will be ahead of millions who will do nothing.

The easiest thing any of us can do is nothing. It’s difficult to put things away, recycle those perishables and continue on working toward a conclusion that will give us the opportunity to survive while realistically, others will not. That’s the hard part. The bottom line is, you will survive or you won’t. Some will be lucky and fall into a survival situation, but a most likely scenario will be, most of us won’t be lucky. Many will die either for the lack of food and water, or through accidents, and a very probable outlook for many of us will be, simply the victims of robbers and violence.

With a fortified and stocked Retreat your chances will go up considerably for your survival. None of us can imagine having to be armed 7/24’s. Having to post lookouts to insure our survival against attacks. Having to ration our food and water. Doing without the conveniences we take for granted right now. The things one could mention here is nearly endless, but once we can no longer travel in safety, or we can no longer easily go to a store and purchase what we need, it will be a new world and it will be an awakening for most of us. That’s why I have advocated building a Retreat off the beaten path, that has access to clean potable water, where there are enough trees to make campfires and to build with, and will be far enough out from ordinary day to day travel and where food can be grown. Many thousands of years ago man went from a forager to a farmer. It was easier to grow a ready and abundant supply of food to eat than to travel great distances in search of something to kill. We will have to go back to that method if we are to survive the many treacherous scenarios that lay ahead of all of us if we aren’t prepared for them.

If you have not located a place that will be your escape from the mayhem that is coming at us yet, you need to do it now. After that, you need to group up with like minded people who can contribute their expertise and money. They need to not only be able to work together, but they need to be able to trust each other with their very lives. Once you have a trusted group formed, who are polling their mutual money, and energy to built those things you’ll all need to survive long term, it will be necessary at that point to implement a well thought out plan for mutual survival.

Finally, without writing a book, you’ll need an effective means of getting to your safe haven. You will need something that will travel quickly, effortlessly and most of all cover a great deal of ground over impassable terrain. If you think a BOV will be a motor home or a 4X4, you’re only fooling yourself. It will have to be a motorcycle (dirt bike) or it will have to fly. You might be able to walk, but that is probably a pipe dream. Horseback might be a way, but highly unlikely, although I would not discount it completely. It has been a viable way for a few thousand years.

We are running out of time to make ready that which we will need to live long term. I don’t have to tell you America is in the final stages of a dictatorship and that will lead to many unfriendly encounters with authorities. The best way to avoid those things is to be safely hidden away. Out of sight and out of mind. I realize full well there are those out there that will scoff at yet another warning, but as a Retreat builder of the past thirty five years I can tell you, Retreats work and are one of the best ways to survive that which is on the horizon as I write this. If you love your wives and children and the other members of your household, group up and dig in. It’s going to get nasty. It’s also going to last a long time.

L Michael Rusin
Author of Avalon The Retreat,
Avalon Beyond The Retreat and
California’s Child

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