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  1. “Recruiting Members for Your Survival Group and Other Essentials”

    Often people write to me and one of the questions they ask repeatedly is, “How does one go about getting members to join your group?” If you only remember one thing remember this, you want people you can depend on in a stressful situation. You also need people who will willingly share their portion of the load that comes with having and maintaining a group. With that in mind let’s look at some of the traits you’ll be looking for.

    Can You Trust Them?

    I’d have to say that is an important trait to consider. If you can’t trust them you’ll be setting yourself up for a major disappointment later on. It can be particularly regretful if you’re in it already, and there is little you can do but accept it, and live with it. There are other things one can do but, if it becomes necessary it will have to be a group decision if drastic measures are necessary.

    Remember, a person on the inside, i.e. a member of your survival group, they will be privy to all of your secrets. If one of your members sells you out, it could be a disaster for everyone involved. They will know where everything is, what your schedule is, how many are in the group, the skills of each person, and so on. It’s almost like having a family member who decides to turn their back on you. Which leads me to the next topic?


    Each member of a group must have a critical skill, otherwise, why have them as a part of an endeavor that is based on mutual survival if something terrible was to happen to the economy, to the people of the country, perhaps to the infrastructure or the distribution of food? It is not the intent here to re-invent the wheels so to speak, but we all know that in certain situations, we could be without help or aid of any kind for a very long time. That is why I have listed a few scenarios. Many different settings can come about and they might happen quickly. Some of those things which can alter ordinary life could be the following:

    • A large earthquake.
    • A series of debilitating storms.
    • Floods.
    • A transportation strike.
    • An attack by a foreign nation on our country.
    • A large and fast moving “killer plague” or sickness.
    • Civil insurrections.
    • A natural disaster such as a drought.
    • An economic meltdown.
    • Food shortages.
    • Water shortages.
    • The government declares Martial Law.
    • A takeover by our own government and the Constitution is abolished.
    • The country can no longer afford oil.

    If any of those events were to happen to our country, there would be millions who would not know what to do. Many people would die. Do you want someone in your group who suddenly decides they don’t want to contribute to a work party, or pitch in wherever they are needed? You have to have dependability in your members to ensure your own survival. If a member is assigned to monitor happenings at a post and they fall asleep leaving everyone else vulnerable, do you want that person guarding you while you are asleep? Of course not. We all want to trust in the others to do their jobs as you will do yours.

    You Will Want People with Valuable Skills.

    The last thing you will want is someone who can’t do anything but eat and sleep in your group. There will be times when someone will become ill or injured but you sure don’t want someone who can’t do anything other than eat. They must have a valuable skill to contribute to the group and to your small community. There are as many skills that we could consider valuable as there are people. Some are very low on the scale of value to others but important anyway. However if a person is an unskilled laborer or has never been able to hold a job longer than a year, I would say you might want to reconsider that person as a member of your group. On the other hand, just because a person has a PhD in Art may not make them any more valuable than a ditch digger. You will have to decide for yourself who you will want next to you when the time comes.

    Some of the skills I would value the most might be the following:

    1. Anyone in the medical field such as a Physician’s Assistant or a Medical Doctor.
    2. A Nurse.
    3. A Veterinarian
    4. A Teacher of elementary levels, High School and College.
    5. A Pharmacist.
    6. A Chemist.
    7. A Librarian.
    8. A Chef or cook who worked in a large institution or restaurant.
    9. A Baker.
    10. A Skilled Butcher
    11. Someone who can do a myriad of arts and crafts.
    12. A Seamstress.
    13. A Master Carpenter.
    14. A Mechanic.
    15. A Plumber.
    16. A Stone Mason.
    17. A person experienced with growing food and other plants.
    18. A Gunsmith.
    19. An Electrician.
    20. An Electronics Technician or Engineer.
    21. A Martial’s Art Instructor.
    22. A Trained Military Person.
    23. A Civil Engineer.
    24. A Mechanical Engineer.
    25. A Structural Engineer.
    26. A Machinist.
    27. An Entomologist or Pest Control Technician.
    28. A Barber/Beautician.
    29. A Computer Software Engineer.
    30. A Carpenter.

    Of course there are many others you might want to consider for your group, but if you have people who are good with at least one skill and are able to do other jobs as well as their main avocation, you have the best of both worlds. These are introductory lists to help you decide. Of course those you chose for your own group will be unique to your Survival and your view on what is necessary for you and yours.

    A Monetary Consideration.

    Nothing makes the world go around easier than money or the equivalent. It might be something of value later when there is no money or a need for it. When you find that place you want to begin to convert into a Survival Retreat it will have to suit a certain criteria. We all know it will have to have lots of fresh running water for the inhabitants to use to cook, bathe, wash their clothes, and water their crops with. It will also need to have an abundance of trees to convert into building materials and firewood. The open areas must be adequate for grazing animals and sectioned off from your animals, and an area where food will be grown. It will have to be defensible and far enough away from the normal traversed areas as to be ignored by the vast numbers of people who will be looking for a place to plunder, or to also set up their campsites. In order to be able to get what you will need, you will have to have money unless you plan on being a squatter on someone else’s land. I don’t recommend that.

    Besides, a piece of land to have and to improve as you convert it into a livable Retreat, you will need people to help with the work, stocking it, and the financial considerations. Not many people can afford to prepare and purchase a retreat at the same time. As a Co-op it is possible. Once you have begun the purchase of the land you’ll need money to do everything that needs to be done. Those members who will enjoy it with you must contribute to the expenses. That is where a legal and binding contract between you and those other members is necessary. Their portion will also become necessary as well if you decide on a price for membership, and take those funds, and put them toward either the payment of the land, and or the improvements you will be making on it. Don’t be afraid to ask or insist on money as a consideration for their participation. After all you are providing a fantastic life support for later and if nothing else, it is a great campground for all of you to enjoy as either individuals, or as a group, and it will be an exclusive and private membership.

    How Do You Get The Members?

    You can advertise your Retreat as an exclusive private campground, or as a gun club. Or, whatever you feel like calling it. Posting notices at Laundromats, Grocery Stores, on Flyer you can hand out and post anywhere you go and eventually the word will get around. One word of caution, don’t take anyone to your retreat until you are sure about them first. Once they understand the amount they will have to pay, and they understand what it actually is, the rules have been explained, then take them on an outing near, but not on, the retreat itself until you are sure. I always go to Taverns and play pool or just hang out. You will become extended family and will do lots of things together.

    We have gone to meetings of interest together and we have gone to weddings and of course funerals. When you have a good group and the people are tight, you will understand what you actually have. It becomes a very close knit community in short order, and when you get together often, you get to know people and you will come to understand who they really are. Eventually, you will see all sides of people when you’re around them a lot. You will see the good and the bad and that is good, because you want to know who they are. You may be spending the rest of your lives with them. Once you know as much as you can about them, you have done things socially, and you have met some of their friends, and you’re reasonably sure about them, ask them if they can come up with the money and paint in detail what your group and your retreat is all about. If they agree take them to the retreat.

    Any membership should and must be secured with a contract just like they are purchasing a home. It protects all members equally. There should be a clause in there that gives them a way out and you one as well. Hopefully you will never have to use it. If you choose carefully you will develop and recruit a successful group that will come together when the SHTF.

    There Are Numerous Ways to Possess Land:

    1. One way is to enter into a long term lease with the owner of the land.
    2. Another is to finance it through the owner.
    3. Making a Purchase with a down payment and then making monthly payments.
    4. Certain trades are acceptable. Houses, vacant lots, vehicles or boats for the land you want for a Retreat.
    5. Making payments with a balloon payment after a certain length of time.
    6. Making a land owner a partner in the venture.

    The last thing you will want to be is a refugee or a squatter on someone’s land. You should have made some provisions to show ownership of the land before the calamity strikes.

    Some of the Organizations That Might Be Interested in Making a Deal Are:

    1. Large tracts of land owners such as a rock quarry corporation.
    2. Large tracts of land from a logging entity.
    3. An older farmer who has no heirs to leave the farm to.
    4. A farm owner who is elderly and wants to have some help with the farm and is near retirement age. Use your imagination, whatever you’re looking for, it is out there waiting for you to come along.

    Where to Look For Land

    You can find out a lot of information by going to local banks, Courthouses, Sheriff’s Offices, some Realtors to get the information you will need to make an offer on many pieces of property. Keep in mind, you don’t need hundreds of acres for a Retreat. You might need a half acre per family or less. Under no circumstances should you settle on less than ten acres for a group that will number around thirty individuals. Make sure it butts next to a treed area and there is running water that is year around.

    Most of us already know we need to be off the beaten track. Someplace that is not well traveled or visited on a regular basis. For instance places to avoid:

    • If you’re near a navigable river or other waterway,
    • a State road or a Freeway,
    • a Campground,
    • perhaps an area that is actively being mined or in a tree logging mode,

    Stay away from those areas. Places where fishermen and hunters travel to occasionally are not good places for a Retreat either.

    We know in the age of satellite imagery, the chances of us being able to hide from that eye in the sky are remote at best. So, some camouflaging on the ground might not be a bad idea once you are actively building your Retreat. During World War Two many high interest assets were hidden from view by simply using nets, paint and fake boulders, and fake sheds to hide the actual thing that was being hidden from view in plain sight. The Suez Canal city was hidden and so were many artillery pieces on the shorelines in various countries. Simply changing the landscape is usually all that is necessary to trick someone above into seeing something different than what is actually there.
    If the access to your Retreat is too obvious, make it not so obvious. If getting into your area is easy, make it hard. If someone has to cross a bridge to get to your stuff, make the bridge leading across the barrier collapsible. Of course these are one time use safeguards, but something is better than nothing at all. Use your imagination and improvise.
    On your Retreat you should have an alarm system such as a large bell, an iron wagon wheel suspended from a couple of posts or perhaps a carbide cannon that can be fired quickly and it is sufficiently loud to bring everyone working out and together running. Some folks use a triangle formed from one inch re-bar or round stock to suspend in a prominent area for an emergency signal to the others. Whatever you want to use, make sure it can be heard for a great distance. Preferably out to the ends of your fields when they are sounded.

    Watch Towers are good but vulnerable to attack. When someone is up in one they can see a great deal and at a great distance. They are simple to make, and they are a good investment for the Retreat. If you are at your Retreat full time, it should be manned 24/7s. One Retreat I am aware of has a tree house built into a tree at the entry to the Retreat and one at the back. They are well camouflaged, and if you weren’t looking for them you might never be aware they are there.

    Monkey Bridges are very good for getting across a rapid running stream, creek or small river. They are used to get across canyons and crevasses as well. If you have a need for a bridge by all means consider a Monkey Bridge. They are cheap and easy to construct.

    Clearing Fields of Fire should be mandatory. If you can’t see someone approaching you, you won’t be able to defend yourself as well as you should be able to. Make sure you have good lines of sight in every direction around your Retreat. To be safe I recommend 1,500 yards. This is a big deal when you have to clear the land and then maintain it, but it is worth it. Especially if you are attacked.

    Once you have established your Retreat, it should be manned all the time. The object of a Retreat is to have a “SAFE PLACE” to come to in case things break down in civilization. To make it safe for you and those you care about, it will have to have all of the food, medical supplies, tools, firearms and ammunition you will need in case those items cannot be purchased anymore. If you have saved your money to make those purchases, you will want to make them as secure as you can make them. If you have enough members you will be able to do this by everyone staggering their visits to the Retreat and staying a few days. No one ever said that prepping would be easy because it isn’t. At times it is inconvenient. We simply do what we have to do to make it work. It is a lot easier with more members to pull from.

    I recommend a series of cache’s with a little of most essentials buried in the ground in PVC pipes. Just in case you are overrun. If you lose your Retreat to invaders you will still have some of your essentials buried away, and they will be safe. A series of cache’s en-route to the Retreat is also a good idea. You never know when you will be compelled to run with the clothing on your back. It’s nice to know there will be something ahead if you are running with nothing in hand.

    Feel free to add your comments. More than one mind working to solve any problem is always good.
    L Michael Rusin

  2. 17. Building a Swedish Fire Log
    Begin by taking a log about 16 to 24 inches in diameter and about 3 feet high. Split it down the middle into four pieces, (only part way, not down to the bottom). Insert pieces of wood in a wedge shape inside of the splits horizontally, about half way down the log. You can pound them in with a hammer or something solid. Be careful not to complete splitting the log. Take some tinder material and shove it down to the bottom as far as it will go without splitting the log. Build a fire inside the log. Once the fire is going good, take a wire or something that will not burn and wrap it around the log at about a foot high from the bottom and then about a foot from the top.
    This will light your campsite up very nicely and make a good warming fire to break the chill of the night air.

  3. Once Your Group Is Established, You Train

    Initially, many of the members won’t have much skill but I always advocated they train every time we went to the retreat after they were officially members. To make our training realistic, we set up pop-up targets and we had a course we all had to go through. We did it with pistols, rifles and shotguns. This course id very effective and it will train a person to fire at a bad guy once they go through it a few times.

    One of the members was a machinist and used old fashioned car springs to spring up the targets into an upright position with triggers operated by trip wires or remote control. They were attached to fifty-five gallon drums embedded in the ground, and filled with rocks. It was tough to set them up but they worked quite well. Eventually we added a few more here and there to change the course. This was done to more or less make the scenarios different and more inviting. There is nothing like a surprise target popping up suddenly when you are already tense and expecting something to happen. Some of the pop ups were good guys and others were the bad.

    One of the women in our group was a good artist and she painted many of the targets. I did a few myself. Eventually we conducted and implemented one course with bows and arrow. It was fun and it truly got the adrenaline flowing. In another area we had an obstacle course with puzzle problems incorporated in it to allow a team to work together to figure out how to do the puzzle of S.E.R.E (Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion), techniques. In another area we constructed a “Monkey Bridge.” We had an area set aside at the creek to demonstrate how to cross a fast flowing body of water. That was also where we did our fish traps training.

    Since we were adjacent to a wilderness area, it was easy to set up other small courses that we used to learn cross country navigation from, using a compass and a map only. We didn’t have GPS back then. Other courses were taught as well, such as making dead-falls, and other assorted traps. We all learned fish trapping, making snares and so forth. Depending on the size of each snare or trap, and sometimes pits, you can use them for trapping animals for food or bad people out to do you harm. On a well traveled trail where we determined a most likely sneak attack might come from, we ran fish line in a meandering set of directions tied to trees to make sure the trail would be covered adequately and then we went back in and tied hundreds of fish hooks to those lines. If someone entered this area they would be there for awhile. Whoa be to the person that was running when they entered this secured area. We set up others but that story will have to be for another article.

    One of the hardest tasks for some of the members to to get a handle on was to make a figure “4” trigger, believe it or not. But the point is, once we were a group, we planned weekend stays because there were things we had to build for the retreat and for ourselves. We tried to make games out of a few things to make learning fun and when you’re having fun you learn better.

    During these outings we learned who could do what and what each person’s weakness and strengths were. One of the fellows was a Force Recon Marine and he knew a lot. One person served a tour in Hawaii and went to many Luaus. We learned how to prepare and roast a pig in a pit the way he learned to do it while he was there. As the people were learning, we instilled in them a sense of urgency and the necessity to kill if one has to. Most of the time it has to be automatic, there are few second chances in that kind of a scenario. One woman wouldn’t stab a target with a knife because it “Went against her principals.” I told her the target just finished raping her five year old daughter and she went to town on it. It’s amazing how we will adapt when the mind set is conditioned.

    If you are an ex-marine, you know that teaching how to kill is what they do among other things and you do learn. Thus the essence of “Boot Camp.”

    Most of your group will learn if given enough time, but you also have to instill in them the concept of loyalty, discipline and honesty within the group, and this includes all of the members. The leaders will show themselves by who they are as each of the group works together and separately. The group should be based on democratic principles instead of a totalitarian concept. We had articles that were written out and they were signed and witnessed and every person retained a copy of their own . Each person was a part owner in the retreat and it was in writing.

    Remember, to teach and instill the principals of survival takes time, effort and patience on the part of the teachers and the students. During the evening hours sitting around the campfire was a time that we all looked back on with a fond remembrance. We all talked, we laughed, we teased a bit and we did a lot of “What If’s type scenarios as we talked and enjoyed each others company.” To this day I hear from some of those former group partners and we always recall certain incidents with a great deal of warmth as we discuss in detail what happened. It all dovetails together to make it all click. Nothing happens in a day or sometimes even a few months but steadily working at solving a problem, pitching in and working with friends to find a solution has its own rewards.

    Never let some “armchair warrior” try to tell you that forming, organizing and implementing a real survival retreat can’t be done. It has been done many times. The key elements are always the members themselves and the principals you have set forth as a group is what it takes to be successful. The glue is the ideology. If it isn’t based on logic and a real need to survive when you know those around you will die during or shortly after a major meltdown happens, and the entire project isn’t founded on not only trust but total honesty within the group, then it will fail. You are the key reasons it will be successful. As in all relationships, we must trust those around us and we must understand that to trust our lives with them and they us, has to have a level that goes beyond ordinary relationships. We cannot choose our relatives, but we certainly can choose our friends and a Retreat member.

    Good luck. We are all going to need it as the situations are setting themselves up currently. Remember, no man or woman is an island. We need others to survive the scenarios that are heading our way. They currently lay on the horizon. If you find yourself walking a long distance in a black tunnel it can be psychologically crippling. If you suddenly look down that dark and endless tunnel and you see a light, you must hope it is a way out, but you must also pray it isn’t a train coming at you. A well formed Retreat is a way out of certain death.

    L Michael Rusin

  4. Pace count beads
    These are used by Army Rangers, Special Forces and any forward Recon operative. The tool is usually constructed using a set of 14 or more beads on a length of cord. The beads are divided into two sections, separated by a knot. 9 beads are used in the lower section, and 5 or more beads are used in the upper section. There’s often a loop in the upper end, making it possible to attach the tool to the users gear with a simple Prussic knot. You can make your own or purchase them as a Survival store or at a store that sells military paraphernalia.

    How to use:
    There are two ways to use the beads. One is to represent the paces the user have walked, while the other is to represent the distance walked.
    Both methods requires the user to know the relationship between the paces walked and the distance traveled.
    Counting paces:

    As users walk, they typically slide one bead on the cord for every ten paces taken. On the tenth pace, the user slides a bead in the lower section towards the knot. After the 90th pace, all 9 beads are against the knot. On the 100th pace, all 9 beads in the lower section are returned away from the knot, and a bead from the upper section is slid upwards, away from the knot.

    In this manner, the user calculates distance traveled by keeping track of paces taken. To use this method, the user must know the length of his pace to accurately calculate distance traveled. Also, the number of paces to be walked must be pre-calculated, or the distance traveled has to be calculated from the walked paces.

    Distance walked:
    For every 100 meters the user walks, one of the lower beads are pulled down. When the ninth of the lower beads are pulled, the user has walked 900 meters. The next time the user has walked 100 more meters, one of the upper beads are pulled down, and all the lower beads are pulled back up.

    Using this method the user must know the number of paces walked in 100 meters. An experienced user can also adapt the pace count for each hundred meters depending on the terrain. When using this method the user doesn’t have to calculate, or look up how long distance to walk or the distance traveled.

    This method can of course be used for non-metric distances as well, though with the beads arranged in a different manner.

    A mile is a unit of length, most commonly 5,280 feet (1,760 yards, or about 1,609 meters). The mile of 5,280 feet is sometimes called the statute mile or land mile.

    L Michael Rusin

  5. Your Mindset has to be Hard…..

    In an attempt to play Devil’s Advocate here, I have taken a snippet from my book to make some of you understand just how nasty it will probably get once the bubble bursts. The following is a what if, but there are things we must be aware of once we step through that one way door which will thrust us into another existence. Let’s hope that it won’t get that bad, but when you are getting ready, try to prepare for the worst, and if we are lucky and it doesn’t get that bad, we are way ahead of the power curve if we have prepared well enough.

    People are mean, shrewd, and at times evil and occasionally you’ll find one that’s okay, but they will be rare in a world turned upside down. It is difficult to find someone who will be consistent in the way they act toward you as an individual except those in your group. You can know someone for a very long time, years in fact, and then all of a sudden they will stab you in the back for little or no reason. So how then do you know if someone is going to be good for you and for the group you are putting together?

    There are ways to tell but it is not within the scope of this article to describe those ways to you here, but before they know about your retreat you can deal with them by simply walking away from them and disassociating yourself at that point. For instance, are they perpetual credit risks and fail to live up to their contractual obligations? Do they cheat on their spouses all the time? Do they borrow money from their friends and walk away from paying it back? Are they always going from one job to another? You need to know about these people before they are members of your group. What happens if they are a member of the group and know the secrets you and your group guard with your lives?

    What do you do then? Do you let them walk, or do you resort to more drastic measures? That is something if you are faced with, you will have to decide then and there as to what extremes you are willing to take to protect not only your people, but all that you have worked for. It will be hard and whether you like it or not, there are going to be some of you who will have to make those decisions. You better hope the decisions you make are the right ones. We make decisions every day and we have to live with what we determine we will do after we have acted in a certain way.

    Let’s say the balloon went up several months ago and fortunately, for you and your group, you had a retreat, and you got it stocked in plenty of time to allow you and yours to still be alive and to continue to survive long term. One day you discover one of the group members is stealing the stores and doing a little trading on the side with the “Group’s” stores and supplies. What do you do? If you let him go, that person has already betrayed you and the others, and if you kick them out, where is it they will be going to? That person may head for the group or rogues they were previously dealing with and may sell you out. So do you let that person go? Remember, they know everything about you. The group, the retreat, the watch schedule, what you have stored away and where it is, everything! For me, it is obvious what needs to be done and quickly.

    On another occasion, perhaps several of you are out on a wood gathering patrol and you run into other people wandering around at large. Do you hail them down and invite them to your community for dinner? Do you attempt to hide? Do you let them pass and hope none of you were seen? What to do? If they saw you and they decide to double back later and they find your retreat, and they are very hungry, and some of them might like the women they see. Perhaps, they come to attack with a superior force and they over-run your compound, guess what? You are toast and so is everything you worked for all those years. In the simplest terms, if you attack first with superior firepower and in a surprise movement, you probably will vanquish your opponents. How do you see yourself, the meek and cross your fingers kind of a person, or are you a go for the jugular kind of individual? If you go for the throat you are probably going to survive. If not, you may last three or four months but only in a group that will protect you, otherwise you won’t make it a week. Your group and everyone who is a part of it is very important and must be protected.

    How can I impress those of you who think things are going to remain the same way as it right now? Nothing will ever be the same once the bubble bursts. Everything is going to change and in particular people. When people are hungry, thirsty, deprived of the ordinary things we have all become accustomed to having, and we can’t get them anymore, what will happen to most people? They will lie, steal, cheat, mislead, be so nice to you until they get their hands on your goods, and then you will see how they will act toward you. If they think they have the advantage in the moment, they will draw weapons and kill you on the spot. Surprise attacks usually work to the attacker’s advantage. The prisons are full of those types right now and the poop hasn’t hit the fan yet. Understand this, it will be a new world and it will operate under a different set of rules. You need to start thinking about it today not tomorrow. How many times have you gone through something, a traumatic event, and you have said to yourself after, “If I had only known then what I know now,” situations, or what you did at the time could have been so much different than they were, and you could have changed the outcome if you only knew ahead of time what the outcome would wind up being? It happens people, and to all of us. By being prepared to act in a way that isn’t ordinary to every day life, might be the game changer for you and those you care about.

    Your retreat and your group will be the most important things in your life once we are thrust in the situation that puts us there permanently. Your food, water, medicine, guns and ammo, your books, seeds, and everything else you so painstakingly put away will be your new world. Your new world will be at war with everyone else. You will have to constantly guard against marauders, pillagers, looters and thugs who will cut your throat and the throats of your children for an apple or a pair of shoes.

    The US has a population of about three hundred million people. Let’s say half those numbers die initially in the first ninety days. That still leaves a whopping one hundred fifty million left roaming around loose. All of them will need to eat or they will die. Many of them will have children who also need food. Do you think under desperate situations as I am talking about here, they will care about you? If you have food, they will do whatever they have to do to get it from you. You will mean absolutely nothing to them. You will mean another day of survival for them if they can get your things.

    There is one last thing I want to impart a few words about. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many pets there are in the US but there are millions of them. Once they are not being fed on a regular basis, they will go wild and they will form up into large, dangerous, hungry packs, and they will wantonly kill anything that gets in their way. You, any children, the old and the feeble will be ripped to shreds to satisfy their needs. You will have to be on guard once those loving dogs and cats are no longer being taken care of. It will be another danger we will all have to protect ourselves from when the time comes.Those feral animals and human beings who have been thrust into a kill or be killed society will be more of a reality than any of us cares to think about. Thinking about it now and being prepared to do something about it is what will make you a survivor and not a victim. It will be the “If I had of only know” mind set that will see you through a new world full of manifest dangers to you and your group.
    God have mercy if it comes down.
    L Michael Rusin

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